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LPRG Broker Kathleen Brown

Kathleen Q. Brown, a licensed real estate broker and attorney, has lived in the Greater Sacramento area for 25 years. She started this company with the idea that Land Park is such a special neighborhood that it needs a dedicated realty group who knows the neighborhood intimately, and will foster continued appreciation and preservation of the neighborhood.

About Us

If the Land Park area is not for you, call us anyway because LPRG has a group of cooperating agents and brokers who are happy to help in their specialized neighborhoods and they also embrace a reduced real estate commission and a fairness philosophy. A core value of Land Park Realty Group is that all things must be done ethically and fairly.

About Kathleen Brown

Land Park Realty Group Broker

>> Ms. Brown received her Law Degree from U.C. Davis, King Hall School of Law in 1996, and has been practicing law actively since then. For the past 15 years, she has been litigating construction defect cases. Due to this experience, she has a wealth of knowledge about construction, potential defects, architectural details and more. Being involved in construction litigation has allowed Ms. Brown to combine two of her passions: helping people, and construction/real estate. Ms. Brown has been a licensed real estate broker since April 2011 and has transacted dozens of deals for family and friends since then. Now, Ms. Brown wants to bring all of that experience and knowledge to her real estate clients. Ms. Brown and her family have been connected to the Land Park Community since first moving here in 1995. Their daughter attended Brookfield School and then CK McClatchy High School. You will likely see Ms. Brown walking her dog or riding her bicycle around the neighborhood.

Although Ms. Brown is passionate about her favorite neighborhood, Land Park, the greater Sacramento area contains hundreds of great neighborhoods and Ms. Brown is familiar with most. In fact, as a result of litigating construction cases throughout the area, she has unique and intimate knowledge of most areas.  Also, as a Board Member of the National Charity  League, Sacramento, Ms. Brown participated in events and philanthropy work all over the Greater Sacramento Area, getting to know many other neighborhoods very well.

Active Neighbor

Land Park Realty Group Active Neighbor

Passion for Animals 

>> Ms. Brown is a founding member of the Land Park Woof Pack, a group of neighbors who walk, socialize and raise money for the Sacramento SPCA in the Annual Doggy Dash, held in William Land Park. 

Active in the Cell Tower Placement in LP

>> In 2015, Ms. Brown worked with several neighbors and convinced Verizon that rather than placing an ugly cell tower on Freeport Blvd. across from CK McClatchy High School, one of the gateways into the Land Park Neighborhood, a better location would be a top the six-story Eskaton Monroe Lodge, where no one can see it. Ms. Brown and her colleagues prevailed and Verizon and its contractors installed the new cell tower out of sight and reduced blight to the neighborhood.

Light Rail Involvement

Land Park Realty Group Active Neighbor

>>From 1996 to 1997, Ms. Brown was the Vice-President, Legal, of Community for Responsible Light Rail. This group of dedicated Land Park residents banded together and got the Regional Transit (RT) Board to adopt a policy that when a new light rail line goes through an existing neighborhood, it must be done properly, and the existing neighbors must be treated fairly. As a result, RT, throughout the entire Sacramento Region, installs sound walls and other neighborhood preservation activities when expanding its lines. This directly benefited Land Park when the South Line was installed, and it continues to benefit all of the Sacramento Region as Light Rail expands.

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