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LPRG was founded based on a love of real estate, property and helping people with what is usually one of the most important and valuable transactions of their lives. LPRG has a unique business model that puts the client first, but don't just take our word for it! Read below to hear about our clients' experiences working with Land Park Realty Group. 

I have known Kathleen Brown and her involvement in real estate for years. So, when it came time to buy our dream home in Arizona and sell our residence in Sacramento I went to talk to her.  We had already bought our dream home in Arizona and my husband had gone there. I had the dogs and was wrapping up business in Sacramento and did not want to open my home to everybody.

My husband and I knew the value of our house and what we wanted to get for it. Ms Brown knew our neighborhood very well and even knew two or three neighbors who were interested in purchasing a home like ours. She told us that we could get more for the house on the open market with a few small improvements however we did not want the hassle. So she proposed to introduce us to the neighbors and that she would do the transaction for 1% total.  The house sold within 40 days to the neighbors, Ms. Brown charged just 1% total for the transaction, and we are living happily in Arizona.

I think the business model for LPRG is the way of the future. Ms. Brown honored our request for a simple and quick transaction rather than trying to maximize the sales price thus increasing her own commission. Throughout the transaction, her knowledge of the real estate process shined through as did her ability to keep a calm, thoughtful and  collected presence when an issue arose. I would highly recommend Kathleen Brown and now LPRG for any transaction you are considering. She knows real estate and how to work with people!

Joan Lejeal, Client

Sacramento, CA

I have known Kathleen as a friend and neighbor in Land Park for several years.  She is frequently involved in the community, acts as a local advocate, is a great supporter of local businesses, and is frequently in the company of her neighbors and their pets.  As an example of her commitment to what she believes in and her passion for the neighborhood, we worked together to prevent blight from a cell tower that was proposed on Freeport Blvd. near McClatchy High School.  Immediately upon learning of the application to locate the cell tower, Kathleen started notifying all of the neighbors and organizing a large group of neighbors in opposition to this placement.  In fact, we even stood in front of McClatchy High School to spread the word to the students, parents and teachers before 7 am!  After organizing a group, negotiating with cell tower company and involving the LPCA, Kathleen and our group successfully convinced the cell tower company to locate the new tower atop the Monroe Lodge where it was out of sight.  Kathleen is a tireless advocate and hard worker, and I have no doubt she will work hard on behalf of her clients to find the perfect home!

Dan Sneed, Owner TableVine Restaurant

Sacramento, CA

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